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We provide accurate Buy/Sell Forex Signals. Fully web-based. You will receive Mobile Alerts and E-mail Alerts when new signals are posted etc.

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We want all traders to benefit from forex trading using our signals. Rich and Poor!


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Apart from having the most affordable forex signals, we also have the BEST forex signals!!

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100% Web Based Signals With E-MAIL ALERTS

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With our profitable forex signal service, you'll benefit greatly. Access your forex signals from anywhere in the world.
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We provide accurate signals on a daily basis. SL, TP, 3 Profit Targets are provided on all major and exotic Currency Pairs and....
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We have expert forex analyst that carefully analyze every currency pair carefully before issuing trading signals...
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We post our Forex Signals Performance. We want you to have faith in our service. Feel free to check them anytime..
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The Leading Forex Signals Service Provider

At DuxForex.com, we provide you a forex signals service that actually wins. Numerous clients from around the world are using our service for their currency exchange trading and we have steadily grown their account.

Our service literally costs POCKET money or even less. For less than 5USD per month, you will have access to forex trading signals given on all major and exotic currency pairs. Once you sign up, you will have access to our members page where you can view them 24/7. You will also receive E-mail Alerts when new signals have been posted. READ MORE


Key Features Included In Our Forex Signals Service

Forex Signals Service Provider, Forex Alerts, Dux Forex

  • E-mail Alerts And Mobile Alerts
  • Sound Alerts
  • 3 Take Profit Points
  • 90-95% Accuracy
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Best Performing Forex Signals
  • Ideal For All Market Sessions


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Leave The Forex Analysis To Us!

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We will give you precise market entry points each day. If market conditions are slow, there will be a no trade. This is to protect your account from false moves. You can use any platform MT4, MT5, TradeStation etc. We will provide you the entries and you can place them on any broker's trading platform. And the best thing is, you can check the signals whenever you want wherever you want! When there are new valid signals posted, you will be notified by e-mail as well as receive alerts to your phone or tablet. and you can log into your Dux Forex panel and view them. We are the only forex signal service that provides such a service at such a low cost. We guarantee that you will be satisfied. So don't wait. Start now!

Dux Forex Team MemberDux Forex is known worldwide to be the best and only forex signals service a forex trader needs. Our entire staff/analyst team work extremely hard into providing the solution to making your trading career a success. Many professional forex traders turn to us because we make life easy for them as well as newbies. Our web based forex signals are extremely easy to use. We are one of the only pioneer forex trading groups who have the deepest knowledge of the forex market. We specialize in candlestick patterns, correlation, price action, economic news and much more. The forex signals you will receive are specially calculated/analyzed and delivered by world class traders. Our performance is some of the best in the industry. We have a huge fan base and it continues to grow. We care for your forex success and we will continue to reign as the #1 forex signals providing service today!

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dux forex giftsDux Forex is a forex signals service that grows it's fame through hard work and TRUE performance. We believe if a service has confidence in what they do, the word will be spread by the people. We don't spam or promote ourselves through annoying marketing schemes. Our service was built "for the people" and continues to grow with the support of our huge fan base. We will continue to reign as the #1 forex signals service provider. Feel free to support us in any form you like!

We Are Experienced

The Dux Staff 
Our analyst have decades of forex experience. The signals you get are specially calculated beforehand.

Forex Is Easy

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When you let professionals like us do the analysis for you, all you need to do is follow signals! Anyone can do it!

Latest Algorithms

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Our signals use the latest algorithms that make for extra profitable forex signals.

Have Questions Or Need Help?

We provide 24/7 Customer SupportEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ticket Desk: Open Ticket

Top Performing Forex Signals

Dux Forex offers the best forex signals service based on performance, price and user experience. We are the most trusted forex signals service provider worldwide. Dux Forex is now a big icon in the forex signals industry. Our name has been built by our impeccable forex signals performance. We publish our forex performance on YouTube every day when there is a signal. Forex traders can track our success.

Reliable Forex Signals Is Key

Using a reliable forex signal service like Dux Forex will be a huge benefit for your currency trading in the long run. You can finally have time to do what you want in your spare time rather than analyze the market and risk losing due to poor entries.

A huge plus is that you can use our entries and place them on your MT4, MT5 or ANYTHING that you use for trading. You can even check our signals on your mobile phone. Just use our signals, place the entries at the correct time and see profits being made on your account!

If you are a forex trader looking for a reliable signal service, then there is no need to wait any longer. Start using Dux Forex signals and make the profits that the bank traders make. We use specialized techniques that the most successful traders like George Sorros and many of the big bank traders use to make a great deal of pips. We have great inside knowledge of how the market moves and how to execute trades accordingly. We use over 134 different formulas to analyze and come up with Buy/Sell Signals. We monitor over 80 different currency pairs/crosses. We make sure that the entries that are given to you are precise and profitable. We have forex traders on our team that have decades of trading experience. You can sit back, relax and use our signals to place them on your trading platform and make money.

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