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Using a forex signal service has a lot of benefits. One huge benefit is that you are not restricted to specific platforms or other software. You can access the signals from anywhere with an internet connection and place the trades wherever. A second huge benefit is that you could be using a mobile phone, iPad device. and still access the signals just like you would on a regular PC If it is using a browser you can rest assure that you will be able to view it. For over a decade, Dux Forex has provided accurate entries for traders. A signal service has it's benefits over trading systems or robots. With using a trading system, it takes several years of testing in order to be sure that it will grow your account in the long run. Many trading systems and robots work for a short time and then fail. This is why, trades that are based from price action and economic news announcements are always better. They never fail and brokers are not powerful enough to manipulate those levels of entry. When you use a trading system on for example MT4, your broker may very well see what indicators you are using or if you are using a robot, they can see the logic behind that and trade against you. If you have some sort of way of protecting your logic, then perhaps this does not apply to you. Using forex signals only, will totally protect you from your broker knowing what you are doing. It is impossible for them to look on your platform and see how you are coming up with your entries because there is no logic there to begin with.  Dux Forex is your best solution for trading signals.



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