About Us

Dux Forex was established in 2014. Although our team had been providing signals since 2009, we became fully mainstream a few years after and today we are the most famous and trusted signals provider in the world. We earned our fame through performance and word of mouth and not by spamming or paid advertising. We believe that if a service is truly good, people will find them and become a repeating loyal user.

We have offices in the United Kingdom and United States and we serve absolutely ALL countries. We have clients from the most remote parts of the world and because we provide many payment methods, we are able to serve any country. The purpose of our forex signals service is to provide a solution for any trader whether they are rich or poor. Not only does Dux Forex provide the best performing forex signals but we also provide the lowest price for the signals as well! For only $7 a month, traders can grow their account using entries provided by the worlds most successful trading team here at Dux Forex. Believe it or not, our performance is far superior to other signals service providers that charge 100X more than we do(yes there are services that cost 100X more than ours!)

We were the ONLY known team in history to have gone 30 straight consecutive wins without the use of any martingale or similar types of dangerous money management.

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