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Learn About Dux Forex And Why You Should Choose Us As Your Signals Provider

Dux Forex is a well-known forex signals provider. Trading Forex is our specialty. We have some of the top traders on our team, some of which were from Scion Forex, one of the best-known group of traders in the world. We want to give all traders a chance to profit from forex for an extremely low cost. It literally costs pocket change or less to use our service. We are not like the other companies who charge a big price because that is just not what we do. We believe that trading should be affordable and enjoyable for all. We accommodate traders with a smaller balance as well as a larger balance because of our extremely low monthly price of only $4.99.


As a forex signal service, we were established in 2002. After the success of the first year, we managed to hire more staff and have more skillful forex traders join our team.

Why Choose Dux Forex

Using our service is so cheap, that it might seem too good to be true. It is good and it is true! We want all forex traders, rich or poor to benefit from forex by using our signals. We have heard and seen numerous traders spend a great deal of money on services that do not bring any results. Forex is actually not as easy as it is made to be, it takes lots of experience, moderate knowledge in economics and hard work. We will do the hard work for you and save you the effort. Dux Forex does not make any false claims, we are an established forex company with loads of experience. Our reputation has grown organically and we have tens and thousands of traders worldwide loving our service. Being involved in forex long enough, it is common knowledge that finding a profitable solution, in the long run, is a remarkable gift and not easy to come by. We are that profitable solution!