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It's OFFICIAL! Dux Forex Adding Autotrading Feature To Service


The feature that the world has been asking for will soon be a reality. Dux Forex will be implementing an "Autotrading" feature also known as a "Trade Copier". In other words, rather than the subscriber needing to wait for signals and place them on their platform themselves, the NEW auto trading interface will automatically manage everything for you. The trades will all be replicated on your account without you needing to be on your PC. Your entire account will be fully managed by Dux Forex through our robot. This robot is not like your regular EA. There will be REAL traders who monitor your account. The MT4 EA script is only a gateway for us to connect to your account. With the brilliant I.T team that consists of some of the top programmers available today, this new interface is guaranteed to be superior to even our much more expensive competitors. There will be numerous features built in. The amount of testing and engineering that is behind this project is remarkable. Dux Forex has invested a lot of money on this new implementation. Our mission is and always will be to provide what the traders want and we will continue to strive to be the most profitable, superior and affordable forex signals provider service in the world.


There is no official release date yet but we will be meeting up with our programming team sometime during the first week of Sept 2015 to get the official status. They have confirmed that more than half the project is completed already. It will be only a matter of time for this new feature to be ready for use. We would like to ask all of our subscribers to remain patient and carry on with the current service as usual. You will be notified when the new feature is released.


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