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 In the future we wish to provide signals in Stocks and Metals. Currently we provide forex signals mostly on the pairs below:


As you can see there are eight columns in the forex signals table. Check below to see what each column signifies.

First Column: The currency pair on which the signal is given.

Second Column: The actual direction of the signal(Buy or Sell)

Third Column: The entry of the signal used when market touches that price.

Fourth Column: The Stop-Loss of the signal.

Fifth Column: The first Take Profit of the signal. For those traders who aim for smaller profits(20-30 pips) can exit at Take Profit 1.

Sixth Column: The second Take Profit Point of the signal. For traders who want a decent profit which is often more than enough for any trader, should exit at Take Profit 2.

Seventh Column: The third Take Profit Point is the maximum every trader should aim for. Be sure to exit as soon as market touches it.

Eighth Column: Live Forex Chart for that particular currency pair. In case you are on a mobile device or need to see a forex chart, you can use the live charts we provide you.

 Note: You will also receive e-mail notifications when new signals have been posted, signals need to be modified etc.

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