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Receive Forex Signals And Alerts More Reliably

Dux Forex has a mobile app that will alert you for important messages. These can include forex signals, company news etc. With this mobile app, there is now a much more reliable way of receiving forex signals alerts. When an alert gets received to your phone or tablet, it will ring and vibrate. This way you will always be updated and have more than enough time to react. This is a must have for all Dux Forex members. Simply login to the notifier app with your regular username and password and leave it running. Works with Mobile phone and tablets.


How To Install

1. Download it from iTunesdownload on itunes

2. Install the app and wait until completed.

3. You will then be prompted with a login screen.

4. Enter your Dux Forex username and password and click "Login".

5. If the login process was successful, you should see the latest message that was sent. ( contact us if you need assistance)


Dux Forex Notifer iPhone Login Screen


Dux Forex App iOS 2


Dux Forex Notifier iPhone