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Yes, they exist!

best forex signals

Many traders who have been in the financial markets for long enough know how difficult it is to find proper forex signals. Most signal services suck! Yes, you heard it from us. What most services want are the fees that you pay them and that’s about it.

There are a few things you can do to spot a sketchy forex signals service. Firstly, check the pricing. If the prices are extremely high, something is wrong. There are few expenses and overheads for something like a forex signals service so there is no reason for high prices…well unless they just want your money!

best forex signals


You may ask, what is a good price for forex signals? Honestly, you’ll know just by looking at what you are offered. The average price for forex signals is around $50 per month. This is high for someone making ends meet so proceed with caution paying anything higher.

Now for the GOOD stuff…

Even though it may be hard to find, there are indeed great forex signals services out there if you look hard enough. We at Dux Forex offer the highest quality signals for only 5 bucks per month! Want to know why our price is this low? Because this forex signals service was created for traders to make money, not the company. We’d rather you keep the extra money and trade with it! Our aim is to offer the best forex signals by delivering results and satisfying traders…not ripping them off.