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Free Metatrader 4 Templates

Original generic forex theme. This look is clean and will give your chart the traditional appearance. ORIGINAL CLASSIC THEME 668 B DOWNLOAD Super Mario Bros NES theme. Using the EXACT same color tones as the original game, this can make your chart look like a Mario level. Great for Nintendo fans. This one was built […]

Same TP And SL For All Trades Script

This script will can instantly set your chosen SL and TP for all trades on a particular pair. There are two fields, you need to specify them and click OK. Use with caution as these are third party scripts. Test on a demo account before attempting a real account. SAME TP AND SL FOR ALL […]

Close All Trades Script

This script will close ALL trades open and pending. If one has many open trades and intends on canceling them in the fastest way, this will close them all in a flash. Use with caution as this does not give second chances to confirm. Once you double click the script, everything closes. CLOSE ALL TRADES […]

Spread Indicator

Shows the current spread of your broker. Points means “pips”. Knowing your brokers spread is important when entering trades. SPREAD INDICATOR FOR METATRADER 4 11 KB DOWNLOAD

Recent Candles Indicator

Projects recent candles of all time frames on one chart. Very useful to check momentum without needing to flip through time frames. RECENT CANDLES FOR METATRADER 4 30.76 KB DOWNLOAD

Candletime Indicator

Shows a countdown on the current candlestick. It will tell you how much time is remaining until the candle closes. CANDLETIME FOR METATRADER 4 2.97 KB DOWNLOAD

Forex Economic Calendar

Know when economic news gets released. This calendar will let you know the dates and times you need to be around to check. There are 3 levels of impact: Low, Med and High. Normally, only the Med-High are the important ones since they can have a more significant impact on the market. Click on the […]