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How To Place Pending Orders In MT4 The Easiest And Fastest Way

As a trader, you should know how to place pending orders in MT4. Dux Forex signals consist of “pending orders”. This means you need to place an order beforehand and wait until the market touches the order(s) and do its job. This method is best for ensuring that you get in at the right price […]

Lot Size That Is Appropriate For Your Account Balance

Protect Your Account From Over Leveraging When trading using any signals, systems, indicators or ea’s, it is important that you use an appropriate lot size for your account. For smaller balances, it is always recommended to use a lower lot size so that you will be able to withstand the swings in the market. Over-leveraging […]

Pip Locking Strategy

Pip Locking Strategy Can Maximize Your Profits Pip Locking Strategy is a useful way of capitalizing on trades. When trading, managing your winning trade is critical. Many traders have their own way of maximizing on their position. Dux Forex signals have between an 80-97% win rate. A popular trading management strategy that we teach our […]