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Separate entry or One entry for different TP

2 months 1 week ago #46 by Kibrea1
Hello Everyone,

I recently subscribed with Dux Forex, and had my first set of trading today (27/9/19)
GBPJPY with BUY Entry: 133.030, SL: 132.657, TP1: 133.1240, TP2: 133.272, TP3: 133.734.
The result i got as : TP1: +9, TP2: +24, TP3: -37, total: -3 pips profit.
Please note, I put three separate trade for three entries ...

Please can anybody advise the best way to place the order:
>>> Separate entries for different targets,
>>> One entry with different targets

Anybody please help me with that.


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