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Pip Locking Strategy

Pip Locking Strategy Can Maximize Your Profits

Pip Locking Strategy is a useful way of capitalizing on trades. When trading, managing your winning trade is critical. Many traders have their own way of maximizing on their position. Dux Forex signals have between an 80-97% win rate. A popular trading management strategy that we teach our community is called The Pip Locking Strategy used by our analyst experts. What it entails is simply moving SL as the trade progresses. So, when TP1 is reached, move SL to break-even(entry price). By doing this, you are guaranteed not to lose the trade. Then when TP2 is reached, move SL to TP1 and finally when TP3 is reached, you move SL to TP2. As soon as TP3 is reached, you can either exit or you can aim for more pips. There will be many instances where the market will go far beyond TP3 allowing you to make much more profit. All of that is considered bonus pips and each trader may have a different appetite. The amount of pips you want to aim for is your choice however, it is very important that you move your SL to TP2. With this strategy, you are guaranteed to exit as a winner or if market reached TP1 and retraced back to entry, you would get ours at a 0 pip profit, that is the worst case scenario. There will be plenty of more trades to come since we publish between 1-5 forex signals or more daily. With our 98% accuracy or more, the majority of trades go well beyond TP1 and a trade can also be exited without issues if a trader chooses. We get asked this question: “is there a script that can automatically ride the trade. It is always safer and more reliable to do it manually although, a script that can do this can be an option at a risk.