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Why am I not receiving any E-mail Alerts?

Cause: If you are not receiving any e-mails from us it can be because of the following reasons.

  • Your e-mail service's filter's are blocking our e-mails.
  • Your Anti-Virus app might be preventing you from viewing our e-mail's.

Solution: Go into your E-mail account's FILTER settings and make sure that our e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is marked to always get sent to your inbox. Each e-mail service will have a different layout for the settings. If you need help, contact us and one of our experts can help you set up your e-mail filters.


Why can't I see any signals on the "Forex Signals" page?

Cause: If you are are unable to see any signals on the "Forex Signals" page it can be because of the following reasons.

  • Your browser is outdated.
  • You're running a third party plugin that is blocking scripts on web pages.
  • Your account is inactive.

Solution: Check to make sure that your browser is up to date. There should be an option somewhere in your top menu to check the current version. You can even visit the developers website to check your version. Most of the time, browsers automatically install updates. The second thing you should do is check your "Plugins". If you have any script blocking plugins, be sure to disable them or if you have an option to add our website as an exclusion, that would work also. If none of these solutions worked, contact us as soon as possible.


I'm trying to sign up but it's telling me my e-mail already exists?

Cause: If you are trying to sign up and you receive the message saying that "your e-mail already exists" it can be because of the following reasons.

  • You previously created an account and forgot about it.
  • Your previous registration attempt was not successful or incomplete.

Solution: Go into your e-mail and check for all messaged from "Dux Forex". Almost all mail services have a search feature that will allow you to do this. Check to see if you already created an account and forgot about it. It is unlikely that someone registered with the same e-mail address as you. If you are certain that you did not sign up with us in the past, contact us as soon as possible.


 When I try and log into my account it says I am blocked, why?

Cause: If you are logging into your account and you receive a message saying your account is blocked, it can be because of the following reasons.

  • Your membership has expired. (you did not authorize automatic payments)
  • Your payment was not successful.
  • You have been sharing your login details with others which violates our terms of service.

Solution: Check the date of your subscription and when it begins and ends. Be sure that "Automatic Payments" are active in your PayPal account. If you still the "account has been blocked" message, contact us as soon as possible.

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