The Dux Forex team only has the elite traders who specialize in correlation, price patterns, news etc. We carefully look at each currency pair and identify patterns that could indicate worthwhile trading signals. Our approach is not to rush into trades. Even though it may seem the market has made large moves, this does not necessarily mean that it was a "trade-able" market. We carefully anticipate price movement and choose the best and safest times to trade. Our specialists do have some indicators that they like to use. These include Stochastics, Math Levels and RSI however there are certain settings that need to be used and adjusted often which experienced traders often do. We have a few staff members at our office who are former forex contest winners and for those who have participated in forex trading contests will know it is not easy to come out the victor in that.

 What Dux Forex Specializes In

  • Price Action
  • News Trading
  • Correlation
  • Hedge Trading (although we do not give hedge based signals)
  • Swing Trading On Economic Spikes

 The forex market is very dynamic and our team constantly finds new methods to adjust to the changes so that our predictions remain strong.